ECTOC Conference Series Electronic Conference on
Organometallic Chemistry.
30 June - 31 July 1997
An "Internet Ready" PC or Mac. The software indicated below is all available in essentially identical versions for Macintosh and Windows 3.1/95/NT Computers. Unix workstations can also be used if available. The use of 14.4k or faster modems to connect a computer at home is an acceptable for viewing the conference.
A WWW browser. We recommend Netscape Navigator version 3.01, suitably configured to read papers and posters and to browse through e-mail discussions. This software is available for all the major platforms. If you acquired these instructions by means other than using Netscape itself, you should try to establish whether your computing support service has a copy. Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 is an alternative to Netscape, although not all of the Chime features may work correctly.
We recommend Chemscape Chime as a Netscape or MS Explorer plug-in. Place this in the "plug-ins" folder and start the Browser. No further configuration is needed. As an alternative to Chime, you can use RasMol-PC/RasMac Version 2.6 for rotatable molecular images. You will need to suitably configure Netscape to recognise molecular coordinates.
Netscape can be used to send and receive E-mail. You will have to configure your e-mail addressOptions/Mail and News Preferences pull-down menu. If you are not using Netscape, you will need an alternative e-mail program such as Eudora Lite. The Microsoft Internet Explorer uses this for its e-mail interface.