ECTOC Conference Series Electronic Conference on
Heterocyclic Chemistry.
29 June - 24 July 1998
Useful Programs for Viewing/Creating World-Wide Web Documents.
Utility Apple MacOS (68K, PPC) Microsoft Windows (3.1, 95 or NT)
Browser Netscape Navigator V 3 or 4 (browser) and Composer V4 (Editor)
Archive extraction Stuffit Expander (Dropstuff to create archive)
Conversions to HTML rtftohtml (Microsoft Word to HTML)
Myrmidon Microsoft Frontpage
Commercial HTML
HotMetal Pro
Claris Home Page
Graphics GraphicConverter PaintShop Pro 4/5
Chemistry Programs
Chemistry 2D Viewers ISIS/Draw from US or UK
Chemscape Chime plug-in from US or UK
CS Chemdraw Net Plug-in from Cambridgesoft
Accord Chemistry Viewer from Synopsys
Chemistry 3D Viewers RasMac 2.6 RasWin 2.6 and RasMenu
Chemscape Chime plug-in from US or UK
WebLab Viewer from MSI
ChemSymphony from Cherwell
CS Chem3D Net Plug-in from Cambridgesoft

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