ECTOC Conference Series Electronic Conference on
Heterocyclic Chemistry.
29 June - 24 July 1998

Viewing Molecules and Spectra

Many of the conference pages have embedded molecular data. You have a number of options to view such data.
  1. To view 2D and 3D molecules, install a molecular viewer called Chemscape Chime™ released by MDL Information systems and comes in the form of a browser plug-in. To install the plug-in, run the Chime installer. For instructions on how to use this viewer, go here. If you are using Internet Explorer, install Version 2.0 of Chime, currently available for Windows 95/NT based computers, but not yet for Macintosh. This version of Chime also supports spectroscopic data as JCAMP files and molecular surface data from Gaussian Cube files.
  2. Another molecule/molecular surface viewing plug-in is Chem3D Net plugin from CambridgeSoft, available for both Windows and Macintosh systems.

    To invoke either plug-in from within HTML code, insert the following;

    <embed name=echet98 src=echet98.mol  border=1 moviecontroller=TRUE 
    WIDTH=126 HEIGHT=57 spiny=36  startspin=true display3D=ball&stick  BGCOLOR="#FFF98B">
  3. A high quality stand-alone molecular viewer called WebLab Viewer Pro will be shortly available from Molecular Simulations Inc. Instructions will be posted here on how to acquire this program and use it for evaluation during the conference.
  4. If you do not wish any additional software to be installed to view molecules, you can opt to ask readers to download "just-in-time" software called ChemSymphony using Java-based applets. See a typical article/poster entry here:
  5. Various forms of spectroscopic data can be displayed using the jSPEC Java applet. See a typical article/poster entry here:

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