ECTOC Conference Series Electronic Conference on
Heterocyclic Chemistry.
29 June - 24 July 1998

An Electronic conference for discussing recent developments in Heterocyclic Chemistry will be held during 29 June - 24 July 1998 on the Global Internet using the World-Wide Web and electronic mail as the delivery mechanisms. Scientific organisation will be under the auspices of the International Society for Heterocyclic Chemistry and the Royal Society of Chemistry Perkin Division Heterocyclic Group. ECHET98 will continue the innovative style introduced with the ECTOC series of electronic conferences in offering a low cost and near-instant mechanism for discussing chemistry, with features such as full colour structure diagrams, editable structures and reaction schemes, rotatable 3D molecular images, a conference "molecular hyperglossary", index searches of conference proceedings, contributed discussions by participants, photographs submitted by participants and other novel features.

Contributions will take the form of a number of invited Keynote articles, together with submitted articles and posters. Articles will be regarded as equivalent to journal papers or communications, will be subjected to the peer review process and will be published in CD-ROM form.

Contributions from all areas of Heterocyclic Chemistry are welcome. Special emphasis will be given to the following areas: (i) new synthetic methodology; (ii) target-oriented synthesis; (iii) biologically active heterocycles; (iv) computational heterocyclic chemistry and (v) solid-phase synthesis of heterocycles.

As with ECTOC-1, ECHET96 and ECTOC-3, we hope to publish a CD-ROM of the conference proceedings, comprising those accepted articles and posters whose authors have agreed to their inclusion. The deadline for submission of abstracts of articles or posters is May 15, 1998.

CD-ROMS from earlier conferences were published as part of ChemComm (Issue 6, 1997) and Dalton Transactions (February, 1998) are available in most chemistry libraries subscribing to these journals, and can be viewed for further details of these conferences.

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