Electronic Conference on Trends in Heterocyclic Chemistry

24 June - 22 July 1996


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What you will find on the ECHET96 CD-ROM

This CD-ROM contains the edited proceedings of the ECHET96 electronic conference held from 24 June to 22 July 22 1996. This comprises ten keynote articles, 83 contributed articles and posters, three articles by the editors on how the chemical content of the conference was assembled and accessed, and the e-mail discussions. The conference will remain available at the following World Wide Web location only until June 1998: http://www.ch.ic.ac.uk/ectoc/echet96/

Also included are selections from the CLIC enhanced Chemcomm project, complete Chemical Markup Language documentation, an example of the use of Hyperwave for structured document collections, and examples of the presentation of 3D molecular information using Web technologies.

Hardware needed

WARNING: This CD-ROM is NOT suitable for use under the Windows 3.1x operating system as it does not support long filenames.

To get maximum benefit from the ECHET96 CD-ROM, a connection to the Internet is also desirable.

Software needed

This CD-ROM contains information which is best viewed using a World-Wide Web browser. The recommended viewer is Netscape version 3. Version 2 can be used, although support for Java will not be available. Version 4 was untested at the time this product was finalised. To avoid "low on memory" messages on a Macintosh, set the memory allocation of Netscape to ABOVE the minimum setting. Microsoft Internet Explorer version 3 and Apple CyberDog version 2.0 can also be used, although some advanced features may not work. Older browsers cannot display "frames" and are not recommended for ECHET96. Because of licensing restrictions, the Netscape and Explorer browsers are not included on this product.

Some articles contain links to 3D molecular coordinate information in Brookhaven "PDB" or MDL "Molfile" or TGF format. PDB and MOLfiles can be displayed using software called Chime™. If there is no rotating molecule following this, , you will need to install additional software as follows.

Macintosh computers

Double click on Chime™ 1.0 Installer in the Installing Programs folder and follow the instructions.

Windows computers

Double click on chi10w32.exe in the Installing programs folder to install the Chime™software.

To edit the molecular structures displayed on this CD-ROM, or to view the TGF files present, acquire ISIS/Draw. Installers for ISIS/Draw are available in the Installing programs directory. To invoke ISIS/Draw to view TGF files, invoke Create New Type from e.g. the Options/General Preferences/Helpers Netscape menu, create a MIME type chemical/x-mdl-tgf with extension tgf, file Type mTGF and assign it to ISIS/Draw.
WARNING: As far as we are aware, the programs included on this CD-ROM are virus-free. However, you are strongly advised to check all programs that you might install on any local disk system for viruses.

Getting started

Macintosh users

Double click on +Start.htm. This is pre-configured to start Netscape if it is present on your disk. If you are using another client, then "drag-and-drop" +Start.htm onto the icon of your chosen client. If such a client is unavailable or if your computer has insufficient memory to run it, a product called HTML Viewer (from Sassafras Software, PO Box 150 Hanover, NH 03755-0150 USA) is included which can be used for viewing local files only. To use HTML viewer

  1. "Drag" the +Start.htm file visible on the left of open window folder "onto" the icon labelled Viewer seen on the right.
  2. Navigate by clicking on the (normally red) hyperlinks.
  3. You will not be able to connect to hyperlinks that point to locations other than the CD-ROM.

Windows 95 and NT users

You should acquire Netscape, Internet Explorer or a similar program. If you have a Web Client installed on your hard disk, all documents with the suffix .HTM or .HTML should automatically open into the browser. To start, find +Start.htm in the CD-ROM directory (e.g. drive D:\) and double click on its icon.

Unix users

We have tested this CD-ROM on a Silicon Graphics Workstation running Irix 6.2. If you have the CD-ROM driver installed, an icon corresponding to the CD-ROM will appear on the desktop. The file +Start.htm should be used to start the browser assigned to HTML files.


A first look

Start with this file +Start.htm and select one of the four main areas. If you view any document with a World-Wide Web client such as Netscape, words will been seen as either underlined and in a different colour to the rest of the text, or if they are images they will have a coloured border. This means a hyperlink exists to either a different region of the same document, or to a different document on the CD-ROM, or even to a document on the Internet. To help you navigate using hyperlinks, here are some hints.

Home page

We have tried to make the small HOME "icon" common to most of the documents in this collection. Clicking on it should always return you to the main ECHET96 page.

keyword search

The question mark icon allows you a keyword search of the ECHET96 proceedings. After first identifying the first letter of any keyword you wish to search for, you should go to the appropriate index file and use the FIND feature in Netscape (or other) client program toolbar.


If you are connected to the Internet you can use the on-line key-word feature.

Several documents also contain hyperlinks to various Internet resources for which you need to be connected to the Internet. Because of the transient nature of any one document on the internet we cannot guarantee that all external hyperlinks will always work.

The people involved in the production of the CD-ROM Version of the ECHET96 proceedings

Dr Henry S Rzepa (Executive Editor)
Department of Chemistry
Imperial College
London, UK

Christopher Leach (Technical Editor)
Department of Chemistry
Imperial College
London, UK

Articles and Posters were edited by David Bradley, Science Writer (bradley@enterprise.net)

The next conference in the ECTOC series

The next conference in this series ECTOC-3 will focus on Trends in Organometallic Chemistry. Up to date information can be found in the on-line version.


The editors wish to extend particular thanks to the International Society of Heterocyclic Chemistry and The Royal Society of Chemistry Heterocyclic Division, who approached us with the idea of hosting an electronic conference in this area of research, and to all our sponsors. Most of all, we want to thank the chemical community who participated in the original conference, and who helped to make this project a success.

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