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Stereoregular oligomers and polymers from glycals

A.L.J. Byerley and P.G. Steel*

Department of Chemistry, University of Durham, Science Laboratories, South Road, Durham, UK DH1 3LE


The cationic polymerisation of carbohydrate derived glycals is used to produce stereoregular materials. Initial studies have focused on efficient and high yielding routes to suitable monomers in enantiomerically pure form and the development of techniques for their cationic oligomerisation and living polymerisation.

It is envisaged that absolute stereochemistry of the oligomer/polymer will be controlled by the number and nature of substituents present. Thus, stereoregularity will be achieved not only at the level of the primary structure but also in the secondary/tertiary structure through intrastrand interactions.

Monomer synthesis

A number of routes to both five and six ring monomers will be presented.


Stereochemistry of the acetyl perchlorate oligomerisation and co-oligomerisation of both commercially available and novel glycals will be discussed.


Initial studies have focused on the cationic polymerisation of dihydrofuran and dihydropyran with various initiators as model systems for the polymerisation of the glycals outlined above.

Conclusions and acknowledgements