110Victor Snieckus From Flatland to Prochiral Metalation. Aiming for New Synthetic Methodologies for Aromatics and Heteroaromatics
Keynote Received 13/May/1996ECHET96 Contribution 110: Graphical Abstract
111Yoshinori Yamamoto* and Isao Kadota Stereoselective Synthsis of Polycyclic Ethers and Related Heterocycles via the Allylic Tin Method
Keynote Received 13/May/1996ECHET96 Contribution 111: Graphical Abstract
108K. N. Houk,* Nicholas C. DeMello, Kevin Condroski, Jens Fennen, Takashi Kasuga Origin of Stereoselectivity in Jacobsen Exoxidations
Keynote Received 03/May/1996ECHET96 Contribution 108: Graphical Abstract
109William J. Hoekstra,* Bruce E. Maryanoff, Patricia Andrade-Gordon, Judith H. Cohen, Michael J. Costanzo, Bruce P. Damiano, Robert Falotico, Barbara Haertlein, Bruce D. Harris, Jack A. Kauffman, Patricia M. Keane, David F. McComsey, John A. Mitchell, Frank J. Villani, and Stephen C. Yabut Solid-Phase Parallel Synthesis Applied to Lead Development: Potent Analogues of the GPIIb/IIIa Antagonist RWJ-50042
Keynote Received 08/May/1996ECHET96 Contribution 109: Graphical Abstract
113Philip Magnus Pyrylium-Ylide Approach to the Taxane Core Structure
Keynote Received 29/May/1996ECHET96 Contribution 113: Graphical Abstract
071Masaharu Nakamura and Eiichi Nakamura* Computational Studies on Diastereo- and Enantioselectivities of Allylmetalation of Cyclopropenone Acetals
Keynote Received 26/Apr/1996ECHET96 Contribution 071: Graphical Abstract
112Reinhard Neier A Biomimetic Synthesis of Porphobilinogen: Synthetic and Biochemical Studies
Keynote Received 22/May/1996ECHET96 Contribution 112: Graphical Abstract
098Donald Craig Tetrahydrofuran Synthesis Using 5-Endo-trig Cyclisation Reactions. Studies Towards the C19-C26 Fragment of Tetronasin
Keynote Received 29/Apr/1996ECHET96 Contribution 098: Graphical Abstract
114Daniel L. Comins* and Xiaoling Zheng A Formal Synthesis Of Perhydrohistrionicotoxin
Keynote Received 02/Jun/1996ECHET96 Contribution 114: Graphical Abstract
023James M. Coxon Molecular gymnastics of oxiranes in acid
Keynote Received 23/Apr/1996ECHET96 Contribution 023: Graphical Abstract