Proceedings of the  ECHET96 ConferenceServing your own Papers

If you have a WWW server running locally, you can mount your material there, and send just the "URL" to the conference editors. Your local "Webmaster" should have all the details of how to do this. There are only a small number of "non-standard" features which you will have to ask the Webmaster to implement. These relate to MIME types for molecular coordinate files (if you are using them). Two (or more) entries will have to be added to the server configuration file. If you are using the NCSA Server, ask for the following two lines to be inserted into the mime.types file on the server;
chemical/x-pdb            .pdb
chemical/x-mdl-molfile    .mol
chemical/x-mdl-tgf        .tgf

If your site runs the CERN server, the following has to be inserted into the httpd.conf file;

AddType         .pdb            chemical/x-pdb          7bit            1.0
AddType         .mol            chemical/x-mdl-molfile  7bit            1.0
AddType         .tgf            chemical/x-mdl-tgf      7bit            1.0

The chemical MIME type is in the process of being formally proposed, and hopefully eventually ratified. Whilst this process is occuring, the "x" in the above entries signifies an unratified standard. Its use will be assumed for the ECHET96 conference.

Other HINTS: Because many people across the world may wish to contact your server, please have regard for the possibility that their network connections may be quite slow. For example, a HTML file of more than about 25 Kbytes may take a long time to transfer, as would a large number of GIF images. If possible, split your documents into many small ones, with an index page that contains all the relevant information.

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