Proceedings of the  ECHET96 ConferencePreparing Articles

The basic procedure for preparing and submitting an article or poster is outlined here.

Proceedings of the  ECHET96 ConferenceSubmitting Articles

Submission of material was made using one of the following mechanisms (in order of preference);
  1. By mounting the HTML document(s) on a World-Wide Web server located at the author's own institution and submitting the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) of this material by using this form or by sending an e-mail message to
  2. By creating a single "archive" file of the HTML file(s) and any associated graphical images and molecular coordinates in "Stuffit", "ZIP" or "Tar" formats and sending this file using the electronic form provided if you are using Netscape 2.0, or sending an an electronic mail message to NOTE: Please give your archive a distinctive name. Naming it simply ECHET96.SEA will not render it unique once it arrives!
  3. By "attaching" a binary Word Processor file to an electronic mail message sent to The binary file should be "uuencoded" (Windows) or "binhex"ed (Macintosh). A suitable program which can perform this encoding automatically is Eudora.
  4. Anonymous ftp binary file transfer of a Word Processor file or "archive" file as defined above, to the server, to be placed in the directory echet96.
  5. Paper submissions were NOT acceptable. Floppy disk submission was accepted if all other methods failed (1 example only).

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