June 12 - July 7 1995

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The ECTOC Conference comprised 6 keynote papers and 71 papers on Synthetic, Mechanistic and Biological chemistry, contributed by authors from 13 countries. The e-mail discussions were subscribed to by 284 individuals. Most of the papers and posters were served from the main conference server (57) and its mirror in the USA, but 20 were mounted at the authors' own sites. Complete statistics are only available on the 57 centrally mounted articles, although access to the remotely served papers from our index page is recorded.

In the period prior to the conference commencing on 12 June, a total of 31766 documents were requested, of which 3277 directly related to the main pages of each paper or poster. A certain proportion of these accesses were tests of the system. During the duration of the conference until 7 July, a further 69160 documents were served, of which 5173 again related directly to article home pages. These accesses were made by a total of 1891 unique remote computers from all over the world. Number 50 in this list made 261 document requests, whilst the top accessing computer notched up 1833 requests. A total of 579607503 bytes (thats 0.54 Gbyte!) of files were transferred from the main conference server during this period.

During the conference, our web server is accessed 24 hours a day. In the table below is the number of accesses each hour for each day. The horizontal axis is the day of the conference, staring at the 12 June 1995 on the left and ending on the 7 July 1995 on the right. The axis from front to back represents the hour of the day, 12 midnight at the front going through the day to the back, where it is 12 midnight. The vertical axis represents the number of accesses to the conference for each hour.

The access statistics have been split up into approximate global regions. It is also possible to see when the weekends occur, this is when the number of accesses is very low.

Accesses by everyone
Europe North America Australasia Asia South America Africa

During the actual conference period, the most requested article (as evaluated by access to the "home" page and excluding other documents such as images) had 417 hits, and twelve of the articles had a total of 100 or more requests to their index page.

Whilst most documents comprised HTML text and GIF image, we also had a number of papers serving PDB molecular coordinates (681 hits), TGF reaction schemes and search queries (71 hits) One paper provided VRML (Virtual reality modelling language) files (71 hits).

During the conference proper, 742 requests for an Index search were made, these statistics were requested 132 times, 107 requests to hyperlinks in an actual image were made, and the hyperglossary was requested 473 times. These hits are "absolute". However, due to a phenomenon known as "caching", which involves recording only the first request for a document, and providing the user with a local copy of this for subsquent requests, all other document requests must represent a lower limit on the actual useage

We continue to monitor access to the conference.

To view the access statistics for a particular paper, enter the paper number below, 1-77, and press return. Note that you will need to use a browser such as Netscape 1.1N to view tables correctly (the format in which the results are presented).

Warning: These statistics will take 2-3 minutes to calculate to give you the most up-to-date information. Please be patient.

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