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Trapezoidal distortions in 2+2 Cycloaddition reactions
Load Jmol, Chime, Model or Image (test of declare attribute)
The code tested is as follows
     <object id="jmol" classid="java:org.openscience.miniJmol.JmolApplet.class"
    codetype="application/java" archive="JmolApplet.jar" standby="Loading JMol"
    width="320" height="240" title="Display using Java">
      <param name="model" value="6a-rhf-vib_java.xyz" />
      <param name="format" value="XYZ" />
      <param name="bcolour" value="#FFFFFF" />
      <param name="animate" value="1" />
      <object id="chemical" data="6a-rhf-vib_plug.xyz" type="chemical/x-xyz" width= 
      "320" height="240" title="Display using chemical Plugin" standby="Loading 
        <param name="frank" value="no" />
        <param name="display3d" value="spacefill" />
        <param name="bgcolor" value="white" />
        <object id="vrml" data="vib.wrl" type="model/vrml" width="320" height= 
        "240" title="Display using VRML Plugin" standby="Loading VRML">
        	<object id="svg" data=../svg/scheme.svg" type="image/svg" width="320" 
        	height="240" title="Display using SVG plugin" standby="Loading SVG">
          		<object id="image" type="image/jpeg" data="vib.jpg" width="418"
          		height="325" title="Display using image only">
            	<a id="RSC" href= 
            	"http://www.rsc.org/suppdata/perkin2/1998/2695/index.html" name=
            	"RSC" title="Link to RSC Journals Supplemental data pages" target= 
            	"search_main"> Trapezoidal distortions in 2+2 Cycloaddition