Java Chemical Sample 3D Structure Viewer
John Purvis, Pomona College, Claremont, CA
Updated February 5, 1999


Click on the molecule window then use one of the keyboard commands.

l - line
b - ball and cylinder
s - spacefill
c - center in the window
f - fit in the window
x - rotate about the x-axis
y - rotate about the y-axis
z - rotate about the z-axis
w - rotate about x and y
r - reverse rotation direction
space - stop rotation
+ - rotate faster
- - rotate slower
< - smaller
> - larger
/ - next background color
o - list orbital energies

Best with a Java Just-in-Time compiler. This is a simplified version of ChemApp that is compatible with
Apple Macintosh versions of Internet Explorer 4.x and older browsers using incomplete JDK 1.1 implementations.