Table 1. Different Methods for Invoking Chemical Data in a Web Browser
Entry ID Program System Invoked using Type of data Unique Search strings7
1   <img> 2D/3D Coordinates  
2 Chime11/Chem3D2 <embed> 2D/3D Coordinates borinate, Boat_conformation, Chair_conformation
3 VRML3 <embed> 3D Coordinates and Animation trapezoidal_cycloaddition
4 Quicktime <embed> 3D Orbital Surface -
5 SVG <embed> 2D Vector diagrams Chimeric
6 ChemSymphony10 <applet> 3D Coordinates Codeine, Heroin, roseb
7 Chemapplet <applet> 3D Coordinates/Orbital Phosphocholine
8 JMol <applet> 3D Coordinates/Animation Caffeine, crambin
9 jSPEC5 <applet> JCAMP IR, UV, MS spectral data acetophenone, massspec
10 Java Molecular Editor9 <applet> 2D Structure data -
11 Java=>Chemical_plug=>VRML=>Image=>Text <object> 3D Coordinates/Animation Trapezoidal, Cycloaddition
12 Chemical_plug=>Java=>VRML=>Image=>Text <object> 3D Coordinates/Animation Trapezoidal, Cycloaddition
13 Chime11/Chem3D2 <iframe> 3D Coordinates Resorcinol, anthracene
14 XML <a> XML (eXtensible Markup) Barrett : smil, Caffeine : cml, chimera : svg