Additions to Chemical MIME Types

Since 1994, a number of chemical MIME types have been proposed, either via the chemime discussions lists, in published articles, or by bilateral agreement between interested groups. The following is a list of such chemical MIME types which were NOT included in the the IETF Internet draft valid during the period May - October 1995. If you wish to add to this list, we advise that the advise that the guidelines be read and the following procedure be followed;
  1. That a reasonably permanent source of information on the type proposed be indicated. This could be a formally published paper, or a URL pointer.
  2. That a contact person or organisation for the proposal be clearly identified.
  3. That you post your proposal to for discussion.
  4. Several actions would then result;

Type Filename-extension DescriptionSource of Information or Display Program
chemical/x-alchemy alc Alchemy format
chemical/x-cdx cdx ChemDraw eXchange file
chemical/x-cif cifCrystallographic Interchange Format
chemical/x-chem3dc3dChem3D Format CambridgeSoft
chemical/x-cmdf cmdf CrystalMaker Data format
chemical/x-cml cmlChemical Markup Language
chemical/x-csml csml, csmChemical Style Markup Language
chemical/x-galactic-spc spcSPC format for spectral and chromatographic data.
chemical/x-gaussian-input gau Gaussian Input format
chemical/x-gaussian-checkpoint fch,fchk Gaussian Checkpoint format
chemical/x-gaussian-cube cub Gaussian Cube (Wavefunction) format
chemical/x-isostar istr, ist IsoStar Library of intermolecular interactions
chemical/x-jcamp-dx jdx, dxJCAMP Spectroscopic Data Exchange Format
chemical/x-jjc-review-surfacerv3Re_View3 Orbital Contour filesJeffrey Gosper
chemical/x-jjc-review-xyzxybRe_View3 Animation filesJeffrey Gosper
chemical/x-jjc-review-vibrv2, vibRe_View3 Vibration filesJeffrey Gosper
chemical/x-kinemage kin Kinetic (Protein Structure) Images
chemical/x-mdl-molfile mol MDL Molfile
chemical/x-mdl-rxnfile rxn MDL Reaction format
chemical/x-mdl-tgf tgfMDL Transportable Graphics Format
chemical/x-macmolecule mcm MacMolecule File Format
chemical/x-macromodel-input mmd, mmodMacroModel Molecular Mechanics
chemical/x-mopac-input mop MOPAC Input format
chemical/x-mopac-graph gpt MOPAC Graph format
chemical/x-pdb pdbProtein DataBank
chemical/x-xyz xyzCo-ordinate Animation format
chemical/x-vmd vmd Visual Molecular Dynamics
chemical/x-vamas-iso14976 vms Versailles Agreement on Materials and Standardshttp://www.acolyte co uk/JISO/

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