Chemical MIME Types Proposed

The following list of chemical MIME types forms the main body of the IETF Internet draft valid during the period May - October 1995.
Type                         Filename extension
chemical/x-cxf                 cxf 
chemical/x-mif                 mif  
chemical/x-pdb                 pdb  
chemical/x-cif                 cif  
chemical/x-mdl-molfile         mol  
chemical/x-mdl-sdf             sdf 
chemical/x-mdl-rdf             rdf 
chemical/x-mdl-rxn             rxn
chemical/x-embl-dl-nucleotide  emb, embl 
chemical/x-genbank             gen 
chemical/x-ncbi-asn1           asn  (old form)
chemical/ncbi-asn1-binary      val  (new form now in use) 
chemical/x-gcg8-sequence       gcg
chemical/x-daylight-smiles     smi
chemical/x-rosdal              ros 
chemical/x-macromodel-input    mmd, mmod
chemical/x-mopac-input         mop
chemical/x-gaussian-input      gau
chemical/x-jcamp-dx            jdx
chemical/x-kinemage            kin
Please note that although these are shown with an "x" prefix, it was the intention to remove this if/when IETF approval was granted.
H.S.Rzepa. February 1996.