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This page provides a concise entry point for various information sources relating to chemical MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension). This page is present for historical reasons only. Please visit for the current version.

Background: This project started in January 1994, and was first announced during the Chemistry workshop at the First WWW International Conference, held at CERN in May 1994. The first version of an Internet draft was published during May-October 1994, and the second revised version during April-September 1995. A paper presented to the CPEP (Committee on Printed and Electronic Publications) at the IUPAC meeting in August 1996 is available for discussion.

New: The openBabel Project now supports chemical MIME:
New: The Chemical Markup Language (CML) project is the natural and complementary evolution of the Chemical MIME project:
Indexed using Chemdig and chemical metaparsers
Chemical MIME Types, with examples (see also HTML Test pages)         Global search String: chemdig, rzepa
Type Filename
Description Example File Unique Search String Source of Information/Display Program
application/pdf pdf Adobe PDF format example.pdf Heilbronner
chemical/x-alchemy alc Alchemy format example.alc example_alc
chemical/x-cache-csf csf   example.csf example_csf  
chemical/x-cactvs-binary cbin CACTVS binary format example.cbin
chemical/x-cactvs-binary cascii CACTVS ascii format example.cascii example_cascii
chemical/x-cactvs-binary ctab CACTVS table format example.ctab
chemical/x-cdx cdx ChemDraw eXchange file example.cdx
chemical/x-cerius cer MSI Cerius II format example.cer example_cer
chemical/x-chemdraw chm ChemDraw file example.chm
chemical/x-cif cif Crystallographic Interchange Format example.cif example_cif
chemical/x-mmcif mcif MacroMolecular CIF example.mcif example_mcif
chemical/x-chem3d c3d Chem3D Format example.c3d   CambridgeSoft
chemical/x-cmdf cmdf CrystalMaker Data format example.cmdf example_cmdf
chemical/x-compass cpa Compass program of the Takahashi    
chemical/x-crossfire bsd Crossfire file example.bsd example_bsd  
chemical/x-cml cml Chemical Markup Language example.cml
chemical/x-csml csml, csm Chemical Style Markup Language example.csml
chemical/x-ctx ctx Gasteiger group CTX file format example.ctx example_ctx  
chemical/x-cxf cxf   example.cxf    
chemical/x-daylight-smiles smi Smiles Format example.smi example_smi http://www.daylight/dayhtml/smiles/index.html
chemical/x-embl-dl-nucleotide emb EMBL nucleotide format example.emb example_emb
chemical/x-galactic-spc spc SPC format for spectral and chromatographic data. example.spc
chemical/x-gamess-input inp, gam GAMESS Input format example.inp example_inp
chemical/x-gaussian-input gau Gaussian Input format example.gau example_gau
chemical/x-gaussian-checkpoint fch,fchk Gaussian Checkpoint format example.fch
chemical/x-gaussian-cube cub Gaussian Cube (Wavefunction) format example.cub
chemical/x-gcg8-sequence gcg   example.gcg example_gcg  
chemical/x-genbank gen ToGenBank format example.gen example_gen
chemical/x-isostar istr, ist IsoStar Library of intermolecular interactions example.istr example_istr
chemical/x-jcamp-dx jdx, dx JCAMP Spectroscopic Data Exchange Format example.dx example_dx
chemical/x-kinemage kin Kinetic (Protein Structure) Images example.kin example_kin
chemical/x-macmolecule mcm MacMolecule File Format example.mcm example_mcm
chemical/x-macromodel-input mmd, mmod MacroModel Molecular Mechanics example.mmd example_mmd
chemical/x-mdl-molfile mol MDL Molfile example.mol example_mol
chemical/x-mdl-rdfile rd Reaction-data file example.rd example_rd
chemical/x-mdl-rxnfile rxn MDL Reaction format example.rxn example_rxn
chemical/x-mdl-sdfile sd MDL Structure-data file example_sd
chemical/x-mdl-tgf tgf MDL Transportable Graphics Format example.tgf example_tgf
chemical/x-mif mif   example.mif    
chemical/x-mol2 mol2 Portable representation of a SYBYL molecule example.mol2 example_mol2
chemical/x-molconn-Z b Molconn-Z format example.b example_b
chemical/x-mopac-input mop MOPAC Input format example.mop example_mop
chemical/x-mopac-graph gpt MOPAC Graph format example.gpt
chemical/x-ncbi-asn1 asn (old form)   example.asn    
chemical/x-ncbi-asn1-binary val   example.val    
chemical/x-pdb pdb Protein DataBank example.pdb example_pdb
chemical/x-swissprot sw SWISS-PROT protein sequence database example.sw example_sw
chemical/x-vamas-iso14976 vms Versailles Agreement on Materials and Standards example.vms example_vms http://www.acolyte co uk/JISO/
chemical/x-vmd vmd Visual Molecular Dynamics example.vmd
chemical/x-xtel xtel Xtelplot file format example.xtel example_xtel
chemical/x-xyz xyz Co-ordinate Animation format example_xyz


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