Visualization of the Frontier Orbitals in Diels Alder Reactions

WebSpace is required to view the 3D VRML models. Although WebSpace is an SGI product, free beta versions are also available for a number of platforms including PCs and Macs.

Each example below is hyperlinked to a table containing the respective GIF images. Once the following line is added in the .mailcap file:
x-world/x-vrml; webspace %s
clicking on any GIF image in the table will start WebSpace. Clicking on subsequent images will update the viewer instead of starting others.

Further information on VRML is available at the Chemical Examples of VRML home page.

  1. Reaction of 1-phenyl-butadiene and 1-phenyl-ethylene.
  2. Reaction of butadiene-1-carboxylic acid and 1-phenyl-ethylene.
  3. Reaction of 1-methyl-butadiene and 1-phenyl-ethylene.
  4. Reaction of 2-phenyl-butadiene and 1-phenyl-ethylene.
  5. Dimerization of 2-cyano-butadiene.
  6. Dimerization of 2-methoxy-butadiene.
  7. Reaction of 1-phenyl-butadiene acid and acrolein.
  8. Reaction of 1-cyano-butadiene and methyl acrylate.
  9. Reaction of 1-methyl-butadiene and acrylic acid.
  10. Reaction of 2-phenyl-butadiene and cyano-ethylene.
  11. Dimerization of cyclopentadiene-2-carboxylic methyl ester
  12. Reaction of 2-methoxy-butadiene and carbonyl-acetylene.

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