Group Members
Professor Charlotte Williams

Charlotte Williams is Professor of Catalysis and Polymer Chemistry. Her group is multidisciplinary and currently consists of 3 postdocs, 8 PhD students, 2 MRes and 1 MSc student. Research in polymer chemistry within her group includes the synthesis of polymerisation catalysts, controlled polymerisations, catalytic activation of renewable resources, synthesis of biodegradable and biocompatible polymers for applications in medicine and the synthesis of electroactive polymers for applications in electronics.

She was worked at Imperial since 2003 (2003-7: Lecturer; 2007-9: Senior Lecturer; 2009-2012: Reader; 2012: Professor). Before this, she was a postdoctoral research associate at Cambridge University, working with Professor Andrew Holmes and Professor Richard Friend on the synthesis of electroactive polymers, and at the University of Minnesota, working with Marc Hillmyer and Bill Tolman in zinc catalysis. She did her PhD research at Imperial College in catalysis working with Vernon Gibson and Nick Long. 

She has been recognised for her research by the BEPS Oustanding Early Career Academic Award 2011, the RSC Energy, Environment and Sustainability Award (2009), the Meldola Medal (2005) and the Young Researcher Award (2001).

Charlotte Williams
Post Doctoral Researchers
Dr Neil Brown Neil Brown   Dr Charles Romain Charles Romain
Nano-structured materials for the reduction of carbon dioxide to fuel components  

New catalysts for preparation of polyesters and polycarbonates from biorenewable resources

Dr Clare Bakewell Clare Bakewell   Dr Jenni Garden
The synthesis of new initiators for the polymerisation of rac-Lactide  

Synthesis and design of catalysts for carbon dioxide polymerisation

PhD Students
Jonathan Weiner Yoni Weiner   Prabhjot‎ Saini Prabhjot‎ Saini

Development of novel Cu, ZnO and hybrid nanoparticles as catalysts for the reduction of CO2 to liquid fuel.


Synthesis of catalysts for carbon dioxide polymerisation

Matt Allinson Matt Allinson   Rachel Brooks Rachel Brooks
Organozinc precursors for inorganic/organic hybrid electronics devices.  

Development and study of renewable polymers for packaging materials.

Jameel Marafie Jameel Marafie   Dom Myers Dom Myers

The synthesis and colour tuning of organometallic complexes and polymers for OLEDs


New catalysts and polymers for iso-selective ring-opening polymerisation of rac-lactide.

Yunqing Zhu Yunqing Zhu   Shyeni Paul Shyeni Paul
Synthesis of block polyester via ring-opening co-polymerisation.  

Synthesis of catalysts for carbon dioxide polymerisation

MRes Students
Andrew Hall     Chloe Lianos  
Ni Yi    
Past Group Members

PhD Students

Jenny Donaghey   Rachel Platel
Tom Wells   Hugo Bronstein
Katherine Orchard   Anita Haider
Linda Hodgson   Stuart Oram
Jonathan Harris     


Colin Keyworth   John Shaw
Fabian Jutz   Aranzazu Gonzales Campo
Antoine Buchard   Paul Knight
Sven Horst   Pimpa Hornirun

Visiting Academics

Sittichoke Tabthong   Prof. Mike Haaf
Phuong Ahn Thi Cao   Antoine Buchard

Masters Students

Thanit Montrikittiphant   Vicky Ma
James Copley   Sarah Kirchhecker
Gabriele Uliana   Jenny Donaghey
Angharad Edwards   Ashkan Salamat
Catherine Rix   Pippa Chalk
Yuxin Chen  

Erasmus and UROP students

Mark Bispinghoff   Xinning Yin
Marie-Line Bousquet