Polymers From Carbon Dioxide

We have reported a series of new bimetallic complexes as catalysts for the copolymerisation of carbon dioxide and cyclohexene oxide. These new catalysts are active at just 1 atmosphere pressure of carbon dioxide and show excellent turn-over-numbers and turn-over-frequencies. Indeed, some of the new catalysts have activities matching, and even exceeding, the best previously known catalysts but operate at a fraction of the carbon dioxide pressure (1/10 or 1/60 of the pressure).  We have reported the first examples of homogeneous Fe(III) and Mg(II) catalysts for this polymerization. The di-magnesium catalysts are particularly notable as they are highly active, yet the metal is abundant, inexpensive and colourless.   We have investigated, in significant detail, the polymerisation kinetics and have uncovered a rate law  and proposed a mechanism, which has been supported experimentally, spectroscopically and using DFT theory.  The catalysts are tolerant of excesses of chain transfer agents, including water; we have utilized this to prepare polymers where the end-groups can be controlled with very high selectivity.


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