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Speakers from the department of Chemistry, Imperial college
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Professor Sir Geoffrey Wilkinson, Nobel Laureate: "Organometallic chemistry" 1.5 Mbytes 0.5 Mbytes 1.5 Mbytes
Professor Sir Derek Barton, Nobel Laureate: "Conformational Analysis" 6 Mbytes 2.1 Mbytes 2.9 Mbytes
Professor David Phillips: "A little light relief" 9 Mbytes 2.5 Mbytes 5 Mbytes
Lord George Porter, Nobel Laureate: "Photochemistry" 15 Mbytes 8 Mbytes 9 Mbytes
Professor Tony Barrett FRS: " Novel Polymers, Novel Linkers and
Novel Transformations in Parallel Synthesis
26 Mbytes 8 Mbytes 7 Mbytes
Professor Charles Rees FRS: "New Frontiers in Heterocyclic chemistry". 18 Mbytes 6 Mbytes 5 Mbytes
Sir Patrick Linstead: Phthalocyanines 22, 51, 63, 93 Mbytes (large!)
External Visitors
Professor Ian Fleming (Cambridge): "Stereo Control in Organic Synthesis
using Silicon Compounds
19 Mbytes 7 Mbytes 8 Mbytes
Historic Talks
Professor Robert B. Woodward, Nobel Laureate (Harvard): "Cephalosporin C" 17.5 Mbytes 5.6 Mbytes 17.6 Mbytes
Professor Sir Harry Kroto, Nobel Laureate (Sussex): "Bucky Tubes" 7.3 Mbytes
Professor Sir John Cadogan: Memorial address for Charles Reees, 2007
The history of benzene, on the 200th anniversary of Faraday's birth, (short)
The history of benzene, on the 200th anniversary of Faraday's birth, (long)

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