The QTVR Project

This part of the project aims to provide information of benefit to the Undergraduate laboratories. A digital camera was used to create QuickTime VR panoramas and scenes of glassware/experiments and possible some instrumentation. The software was provided by Apple and this project has been aided by the addition of a third year undergraduate project student - Hal Pattenden.

Project Title: Development Of Hyperactive Chemistry On The Internet

Project Brief

Background Information

The communication of information and ideas is fundamental part of life. Communication may take many forms. Speech and writing are just two very common examples of forms of communication. However, to maximise the understanding passed from one person to another, the communication method must be simple and undemanding. With particular reference to the communication of scientific ideas, a graph may convey far more information than a large table of data and, to utilise an old phrase, a picture speaks a thousand words. Furthermore, when explaining experimental procedures, a video of the procedure, or better still, an actual demonstration can make much more sense and convey far more information than a written description. To this end, during laboratory courses staff and student demonstrators are provided so that students can get assistance with unfamiliar equipment and procedures.

To supplement and support those faciities described previous it was suggested that a computer based virtual laboratory might be designed. This would contain detailed visual demonstrations and notes on where to find laboratory equiment and how to operate it.

This facilty would be produced using a combination of QuickTimeTM VR technology and a series hot-spots, along with dynamic links to various other sources of data and information. Click here to find out how QuickTime TM VR works.

In order to enter and view the virtual laboratory you will need to have QuickTimeTM installed on your computer along with its associated plug -in for your prefered internet browser.

Click here to download QuickTime TM v2.5 for Macintosh, Win 3.1, Win 95/NT.

Click here to download QuickTime TM VR plug-in v1.1 for your prefered internet browser.

Initial Results

The following completed project was submitted as part of our undergraduate course in June 1997.

Digital Capture Technology

If you are interested in producing QuickTimeTM VR movies and wish to know more about digital cameras, QuickTime TM VR equipment and developers software, check out the following sites:


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