3-D Virtual Chemistry Library

Molecular Database Project

This component is the main V-chemlib project. It was felt that the project should include molecules relevant to the undergraduate laboratories taught in the department of Chemistry at Imperial College. As part of project, a local High School, Swakeley's in Hillingdon, West London, would receive a multimedia computer and an ISDN link into the world-wide-web. Consultation with the staff at the school meant that the molecular database could be extended so that it could incorporate molecules and information relevant to the National Curriculum and A-Level studies. In total approx. 150 molecules have been encoded - and are divided into 6 main groups:

There are many molecular databases on the world-wide-web, but where the V-chemlib differs is that as well as the structure in several formats, physical data, history and reactivity of the molecules is also included providing a better quality resource for the user. Several new technologies are also being implemented in the project. Novel database management systems such as the MDL Chemscape Chime PRO structure search and the Daylight Toolkit system will be used to search the site.

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I.W. Locke (1997)