Some general research data publication repositories
Feature Data@Imperial
User community Imperial+invited collabs Open Open
Interface Web + command line Web Web + API
Metadata Manual+Auto:
Manual Manual
Automatic via API coming Automatic via API
Collection DOIs Yes♥♥ No No Just announced!
Dataset DOIs Yes Yes Yes
Reserved DOIs Yes Yes Yes
ORE metadata
Yes No No
Datacite search Yes Yes partial
Mandatory Optional No
Rücknagel, J. et al, Metadata Schema for the Description of Research Data Repositories. Version 3.0. December 2015. doi: bbxw. Allows use from other environments, i.e. Python.Includes e.g. presentations at a conference/workshop! ♥♥See e.g. doi: 6cw as a collection example A DOI is assigned immediately, but publication embargoed until released. Facilitates automated access to data from e.g. visualisation program using declared metadata.