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Please use this form to register your interest in the CML project. Think what you or your organisation might be able to contribute - this could be something you already have! Hopefully questions asked during the poster session will answered and added here.
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Contributed comments

  1. Peter Murray-Rust (,
    Virtual presence!
    I hope to remain logged in most of today (21 Aug)so that I can answer any questions. Feel free to ask the sort of thing you would if I were standing next to you.
  2. Alberto Gobbi (,
    Structure Input Program
    Is there already a program and methode for simple structure Input to a web page? I am corrently thinking about a programm which takes, the MDLCT clipboard format under MS-Windows and transforms it to a connection table in asci format which can bepasted to a multiline text box like these here. This would be an easy way to transfer chemical structures with standard tools which are available an most PC's Mac's and alsounix workstations. But it bears the problem, thatuser needs to bother with a textbox which has some strange input he does not understand and should not be able to change. An alternative aproach would be to build some kind of button which automaticlly looks up the contens of the users clipboard and if there is some kind of chemical structure or data the browser would then automaticly fetch this data and send it to the WWW/CML server
  3. Henry Rzepa (,
    Structure Input Program
    The standard way we and others have used is the SMILES string. See Programs such as ChemOffice (but not as far as I am aware ISIS) generate this. I recognise the need to grap the SMILES clipboard, but this might be an interesting cross-platform challenge.A different approach was introduced with ChemWeb by Softshell and introduced at the ACS conference. This encodes the molecular file information directly into the data field ofa GIF image. In effect, this makes the GIF editable. Peter Murray-Rust developed a uuencoder that can take a GIF image and enable it to be dropped into a form. Perhaps the best future solution lies in the PNG format. We are currently investigating this, and will report back when we understand it better.
  4. Alberto Gobbi (,
    RE: RE: Structure Input Program
    I Agree, that SMILES would be the better choice, but i tried with SMILES to. You can not expect that the normal user is able to create SMILES be himself and there are only few molecular editor which can create smiles some of them are not able to do the right stereochemistry. So what we would need is some widely available moleculare editor which can create SMILES or some other way of doing it. My proposal is due to the fact, that most moleculare editor i know are able to create connection tables. Most of them are at least under MS-Window not programmed to place the connection table as text on the clipboard so quick solution would be a conversation from one clipboard fomat to the other. I did this for the MS-Windows system. I will send you a copy of the alpha program so you can have a look. I tested the program with ISISDraw and WebChem both of which are freely available for a large part of the user. Something like this should be possible also for macs. The code is only a few lines. If somebody has the code to convert the connection table to a SMILES it could easyly be incorporated.


  5. Jai Chowdhury (jai@pipeline%2ecom),
    Publishing a chemistry electronic magazine
    We're interested in working on this%2c but it's a little premature for a contribution
  6. Keiichiro Sameshima (,
    Quantum Chemistry
  7. Kjell Boe M.D. (,
    What is the real risk using Halofantrin as treatment after Lariamprophylaxis?
  8. Warren A. Hodge (,
    I'll be traveling to Belize, Central America in the near furute and would like to know how pevalent maleria is in that part of the world. Also, what are symtoms of maleria and how effective is your drug? Thank you.
  9. David Ostfeld (,
    The use of CML for posting problem sets
  10. Julian Wallis (,
    CML commands
    The link to the "Main CML site" doesn't connect. Where can I find tutorials or examples of CML commands?
  11. Francene Passantino (,
    Interested in information about maleria
  12. Rebekah Marlow (Pmixednut),
    What is the structure of Chlorine?
  13. Tomi Jaskari (,
    I'm interested in programming CML interpreters and tools
    I would like to see what software is available and would like to contribute writing software for CML. I have been programmin with C++ lately and have 15 years of Computer literacy.

    I have my own chemistry page at URL: ""

    Thanks: Tomi

  14. Jesus klabik (e. fah q),
    no give only take
  15. Shae (,
    What is maleria? What causes it? What has been done as a vaccination? Is there a cure if you are infected?
  16. robert a. krajelis md (,
    effects of maleria on the liver and immune system
  17. E.Vlahakis (,
    anti-malerial treatment and side-effects
    I would like to know of symtoms resulting from taking an anti-malerial drug called Deltaprin. I have had itchiness all over, which on two occasions has resulted in genatal scarring. I am told it is a reaction to Sulphur.? Can anyone help?
  18. james t. glover (baad,
    symtoms os maleria
  19. james t. glover (baad,
    symptoms of maleria
  20. renate betanco (,
    in which regions is it advisible to take anti maleria drugs
  21. Tracy Carpenter (,
    I am about to go to Kenya, on holiday (21 Sept). I am epileptic so the recommended anti-malerial tablets given to me are pauldrine 200mg daily. I know that this is not the full required dose. I was wondering if it was worth me taking them at all, or if you are aware of a better drug. Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks.
  22. terry (none),
    not yet
  23. Wayden Colebrooke (,
    maleria disease
    what is maleria, and how is it transmitted
  24. Joerg Wegner (,
    give me more information about programming and details
  25. Ernst Schumacher (,
    New type of molecular modelling program, easy!
    Your MOPAC calculator did not work correctly for me. My file worked perfectly off-line with MOPAC 6
  26. Ernie Alexander (,
    Maleria Symptoms
    Spent a week in Zimbabwe on the Zambezi - - Have been back almost 2weeks and other than a little tiredness I fould that my eyes have become really sensitive to bright sunlight. Could this be a maleria sympton. No fever or headaches normally assotiated.

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