The CLIC Consortium

CLIC Consortium Electronic Journal Project

This is a collaborative project involving Cambridge University, Leeds University, Imperial College and the Royal Society of Chemistry at Cambridge. The project is part of the e-lib programme being funded by the Follett Implementation Group on Information Technology (FIGIT), acting on the recommendations set out in the Report of the Joint Review of Libraries. The CLIC consortium intends to develop new methods of disseminating and publishing information in the chemical and molecular sciences. The initial objective of this venture will be to launch an electronic version of the Royal Society of Chemistry's refereed flagship primary journal Chemical Communications. The first stage will be to achieve parallel publication with the printed version. In the second phase, we will develop methods of information delivery which have no exact equivalent in the printed page, using proposed new Internet standards relating to molecular sciences. We will also organise a number of awareness raising and training events, including tan Electronic Conference Series on Trends in Organic Chemistry (ECTOC) and periodic UK chemistry Webmasters meetings
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