1. Login-IDs. Your standard email login ID and its password.


  1. Beilstein Commander can be downloaded from the Beilstein directory of public share Winfiles on server smb:// It will need to be configured using server and access code ICL.
  2. Endnote can be downloaded from the EndNote9 directory of Winfiles public share on server smb://
  3. A site licensed Microsoft Office is available from directory Microsoft Installers/OfficeXP on public share Winfiles on server smb://, or from directory Microsoft Office X on server afp:// The Equation editor has to be installed from the sub directory Value Pack/Value Pack Installer.
  4. SciFinder can be accessed from Windows remote desktop CHAS (using Remote Desktop Software)
  5. The Cambridge Crystal Structure Database must be invoked using X-Window software such as Vista Exceed (From ICT Shop) using this configuration file (Windows).
  6. It is possible to access these sources off-campus, but you will need to set up and configure a VPN (Virtual network connection). Responses may be slow using a modem, and an ADSL connection is recommended using an ADSL Router and ISP Service.


  1. The undergraduate 2nd year course in IT can be found at It contains many specific examples, including how to eg import references from several of the major databases int eg EndNote/Word.
  2. Tutorial on the use of EndNote with the WOS, Crossfire and SciFinder Databases
  3. Crossfire Tutorial and Firepower Tutorial
  4. SciFinder tutorial

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