Version 1.01 of JUMBO

JUMBO Version 1.0 was released as *.class files with the ECHET96 CDROM. At the time of going to press with that there are significant improvements in JUMBO and this outlines the most important. JUMBO 1.01 seems to be reasonably stable with the Java interpreter but can cause problems with Netscape and so it would be foolish to include it on the CDROM. The latest versions should always be at The CML Home Page. The CML source is available on this CD-ROM.

The major changes are:


All these screenshots relate to a complete Chem. Comm. in CML. This was manually converted about 18 months ago for a tcl/Tk-based browser and has now been adapted for the latest CML. The following series of images shows what the chemical paper of the future might look like, although some means will be needed fo managing many windows at once!

The Table of Contents

This is the Table of Contents based with the main sections indicated by their subtitles or roles. The first half is mainly textual whilst the rest represents the matter often submitted separately to the text. It seems reasonably to keep these separate in a CML file, since it is straightforward to interleave them later if required (for instance to embed tables and molecules formulae in the running text). In an electronic document, both are possible.


The tables of results are calculations on molecules and the CML document has contained the molecules directly in the table. They are presented by the 'water' icons, which are hyperlinked and supply the molcule directly. Note that the numeric columns are represented as Univariate objects (histogram icon) and that this can be interrogated to provide the statistics.

This is a typical molecule referenced by its icon:

Note the 'Show TOC' option which displays the contents of the MOL object. Normally this content is ATOMS and BONDS, but here complete raw data has been included as shown in the TOC referenced by 'Show TOC'.
Where possible the information is represented on the TOC, but for complex objects (like arrays) this can be shown graphically as for the eigenvalues:

Composite windows

Here is a simple example of the visual appearance of a JUMBO-rendered CML document. The reader has activated the ABSTRACT and Ref. 05 buttons and these objects are shown

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