The SGML class library package

This is a set of generic classes for dealing with normalised document instances for any SGML DTD. They do not include a validating parser yet, though I am moving towards being able to validate XML. (Jan 1997)

An application (or possibly an applet) built with these classes will read a normalised SGML file , such as proposed by the XML project. It decides what the DTD is and downloads a corresponding class library. If one DTD 'includes' another it can cater for that.

The advantage of this approach is that it is simple to write postprocessing ('rendering') software for each DTD and to load this dynamically. This has already been done for CML - Chemical Markup Language - where most of the SGML ELEMENTs ('tags') have a Java class. (Alternatively it is possible to use a generic class for a group of ELEMENTS). These act rather like style-sheets - but much more powerful - for applications which are non-textual.

Some key components of the package are

In addition there are embryonic containers for the ELEMENTS in the HTML DTD.

Here are the classes in the package

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