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Pointers within CML objects. (Open up a picture of the molecule Yohimbine)

CML supports single and multiple pointers (the syntax will be revised when XML-link appears). This example shows how a set of unidirectional points can be created. In funcgroup.cml the functional groups are represented by pointers (to MOL:n) where MOL is the NAME of a Node (the molecule) and the digit is the address within it. The first pointer is to a single atom (Hydroxy), whilst the others are all multiple (i.e. defining multi-atom functional groups). Make sure the molecule is visible, and then click on the '???' icons to navigate round the molecule.

This is a very important example, because it shows how the linking is formally imposed within a document. It will also be possible to construct link schemes which are in separate documents so that multiple views of the same information can be constructed.

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