Present KKH Group Members

We can be found (mostly) in the Barton Lab (307, RCS1 building).

Lab phone number: +44-(20)7594-5708.

Dr. Luis Adrio

Luis joined the KKH group as a PDRA in 2006, after obtaining a PhD from the University of Santiago de Compostela, (Spain). Since then, he has been working on various projects on transition metal-catalysis, more recently, on Cu catalysis. He has also introduced the group to the delights of Galicia cuisine (chorizo!), and digital photography.


Laura graduated  with an MChem degree from Durham University (with a placement year at GSK, Tonbridge). Joining the KKH group in 2007, her project is funded by AstraZeneca, to work on the application of Pd-catalysed aza-Michael reaction for natural product synthesis.

Laura commutes into work everyday from Chatham, Kent. She is our resident expert on Swern oxidation chemistry.


Laura Taylor

Jannine graduated with an MChem degree from the University of Surrey. She spent her placement year working at Pfizer, Sandwich in the Separation Science team of the Veterinary Medicine Department, and for her fourth year project, she worked under the supervision of Dr Gabriele Wagner, who introduced her to the delights of synthetic organic chemistry.

Since joining the KKH group in 2007, She has been working on developing catalysts for the asymmetric heterofunctionalisation of C=C bonds. Thanks to the training she received at Pfizer, she is in charge of all our HPLC's.


Jannine Arbour

Kathryn joined the KKH group in January 2009, working on a collaborative project with chemical engineering, on the development of electrochemical methods for organic synthesis, funded by EPSRC and the Pharmacat Consortium (industrial lead: Pfizer).

Before this, Kathryn graduated with an MChem from the University of St Andrews, where she spent her industrial placement working at BP (Hull), and completed her prize-winning final year project with Dr Andrew Smith on the development of carbenes for synthesis.


Kathryn Rix

Natalia comes from Lithuania, where she obtained her MSc degree in Chemical Engineering. After working for several years in the oil and gas industry, she decided to pursue her doctoral studies at Imperial, under supervision of Prof. Donna Blackmond on the kinetic and mechanistic investigation of asymmetric organocatalytic reactions.

Awarded her PhD degree at the end of 2008, she joined KKH group as an EPSRC-funded postdoctoral fellow in March 2009, to conduct a collaborative project (with chemical engineering) on the development of oxidation reactions.


Dr. Natalia Zotova

Dr. Elena Barreiro

Postdoctoral researchers:

PhD students:

Undergraduate project student(s), 2010-2011:

Melissa Chan (BSc), Chi-Hin Tse (MSci), Jessica Shaw (MSci).

Elena was born in the historical city of Santiago de Compostela in Spain, where she obtained a PhD in Inorganic Chemistry from the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC). Working under the supervision of Dr, Jose Sordo Rodriguez, her PhD thesis described gold and silver complexes with classes of sulphanylpropenoic acids, and their pharmacological activities.

Joining the KKH group in January 2010, Elena will be applying her knowledge and expertise on the coordination chemistry of group 11 metal complexes to the development of new catalytic processes.


Felicity Roberts

Felicity graduated with First Class MChem degree from the University of Bristol.

During her time here at Imperial, Felicity will be working on the catalytic flow chemistry project, to develop the synthesis of amides from alcohols. The project is funded jointly by EPSRC and the Pharmacat Consortium (industrial lead: Syngenta).


Steve is the first postgraduate student supervised by Silvia at Imperial College London. His work concerns the development of well-defined copper catalysts for ‘Click’ chemistry.

Before this, Steven is no stranger to copper chemistry—the subject of his Final Year project with Dr. Rob Davies at Imperial College London, where he graduated in 2009 with an MSci degree in Chemistry.

Steven is into footie, and he organized the KKH group sweep-stake during the 2010 World Cup. This is why we all end up owing Elena a lot of money (viva la Espana)!



Steven Lal

Dr. Andrey Sheshenev

Andrey is a Marie-Curie Intra-European Fellow, working on the synthesis of chiral zwitterionic phosphorus reagents for catalysis. Graduated from the Moscow State University in 2006, Andrey briefly worked as a synthetic chemist in industry, before conducting postdoctoral work at the prestigious IOCB institute in Prague (working under the mentorship of Dr. Ilya Lyapkalo. He joined the Barton lab in December 2010.



Dr. John Brazier

John obtained his MSci, BA(Hons) degrees in Natural Sciences (Chemistry) from University of Cambridge, where he also acquired a PhD degree from his research work with Dr. Jonathan Goodman. This was followed by postdoctoral work at University of Cardiff (with Dr. Nick Tomkinson), and University of Edinburgh (with Dr. Scott Cockroft), working on projects related in physical organic chemistry. He joins the KKH research group in March 2011, working on the ELSEP project.