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Past Group Members

Thesis title: Chemistry of mixed donor phosphorus-nitrogen ligands. Towards asymmetric catalysis.

Funding: KCL studentship.

Mohammed S. Rahman, PhD student (1998-2002):

Hubert T. C. Lam, PhD student (1999-2003):

Sebastien L. Parisel, PhD student (1999-2003):

Thesis title: Synthesis of chiral hybrid ligands and applications in palladium-catalysed allylic asymmetric alkylation.

Funding: KCL studentship-Aventis Pharmaceuticals.

Current position: Organic Chemist, GE Global Research, NY, USA

Thesis title: Synthesis and catalytic chemistry of a new generation of aminophosphine ligands.

 Funding: EPSRC grant (GR/M78229/01).

Current position: Business Account Executive, Johnson Matthey plc

Xiaohui Cheng, PhD student (1999-2003):

Thesis title: Transition metal catalysed hydrogenation, allylic alkylation and transfer hydrogenation reactions.

Funding: K. C. Wong Education Foundation, British Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Education Department (PR China).

Current position: Assistant Professor, Institute of Polymer Chemistry, Nankai University, China

Neil D. Moorcroft, MSc student (1999-2001):

Thesis title: Second generation of PNP hemilabile ligands with modification at phosphorus.

Funding: Aventis Pharmaceuticals

Current position: Scientist, Sanofi-Aventis, Briedgewater, New Jersey, USA.

Francois A. Loiseau, PhD student (2000-2004):

Thesis title: Functionalised calixarenes for Tuberculosis therapies.

Funding: KCL studentship.

Maryiam Qadir, PhD student (2000-2004):

Thesis title: Transition metal catalysed synthesis of medium-sized heterocycles.

Funding: GlaxoSmithKline (EPSRC CASE award)

Marco Oliana, PhD student (2000-2005):

Thesis title: Synthesis of libraries of asymmetric mixed donor ligands for asymmetric catalysis.

Funding: ICI-Synetix-Johnson Matthey.



Kelin Li, PDRA (2001-2003):

Project title: New catalysts for hydroamination reactions.

Funding: EPSRC ROPA grant (GR/R50332/01).

Current position: Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Kansas

Meritxell Guino, PhD student (2001-2005):

Thesis title: Applications of functionalised polymer resins for organic synthesis.

Funding: KCL studentship.

Current position: Regulatory Officer, Technology Sciences (Europe) Limited.

Emma L. Cropper, PhD student (2003-2007):

Thesis title: Synthesis of Medium-sized Nitrogen Heterocycles.

Funding: AstraZeneca DTG studentship.

Current position: Medicinal Chemist, GlaxoSmithKline, Singapore.

Thesis title: Asymmetric aza-Michael reactions for the synthesis of b-amino acid derivatives.

Funding: CVCP-DSM Pharma-ICL.

Current position: Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Groningen, The Netherlands.

Mingjun Zhou, PDRA (Jan-Dec 2006):

Project title: Development of metalloporphyrin complexes as molecular sensors.

Funding: China Scholarship Council.

Current position: Research Scientist, Harbin Research Institute of Transducer Technology, China

Jason Taylor, PhD student (2004-2008):

Thesis title: Development of Asymmetric Hydroamination Catalysts.

Funding: GlaxoSmithKline/DTA studentship.

Current position: Postdoctoral fellow, Universidade Estadual de Campinas, UNICAMP, Brazil.

Pim Huat Phua, PhD student (2003-2006):

Last but not least, all the others who have participated in our adventures…


MSci Students:

At ICL: Peter Lusted, (2009-10), Karl Bonney (2007-8), Yae-Eun Han (2007-8), Louisa Shuyi Quek (2005-6), Aui-Ping Yuen (2005-6), Apal Patel (2004-5), Sophie Gore (2003-4), Farrah Bhatti (2003-4).

At KCL: Jamie Hunt (2002-3), Rachel Priestley (2001-2), Thomas Rising (2000-1).


Visiting students:

UTM, Malaysia: Amal Mohd Daud (2005), Suhaila Borhamdin (2003), Norasmariza Yusoff (2003)

University of Barcelona: Marga Sivatte (2002-3)

Universiti de Santiago de Compostela: Adriana Amoedo Pereira, Marta Marino Perez, Luis Angel Adrio, Jose Manuel Antelo Miguez, Dr. Antonio M. Sousa-Pedrares.

ETH, Zürich: Damaris Niggli (Erasmus, 2009).


Summer research students:

Rex Mak (Imperial, UROP student), Zain Farooq (Imperial, UROP student), Claire Callot (Lyon, France), Tobias Mochel (King's), Krzysztof Koziol (Warsaw, Poland).


Others (who, somehow, unwittingly ended up in the KKH group):

'B' Thompson (PhD), Emilie Brule (PhD).


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Alex Smith, PhD student (2006-2010):

Thesis title: Exploring New Asymmetric Reactions Catalysed by Dicationic Pd(II) Complexes.

Funding: Pfizer/DTA studentship.

Current position: Research Scientist, Eli Lilly, U.K.

Thesis title: Development of late transition metal-catalysed C-H activation reactions

Funding: Imperial College Deputy Rector’s Award.


Xinzhu Liu, PhD student (2006-2010):

Bao Nguyen, PDRA (2009-2010):

Project title: ELSEP (Elucidate and Separate) - Palladium Catalysts in C-C and C-N Coupling Reactions

Funding: EPSRC grant (EP/G070172/1)

Current position: Ramsay Fellow, Imperial College London