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Past Group Members

Mohammed S. Rahman, PhD student (1998-2002)

Thesis title: Chemistry of mixed donor phosphorus-nitrogen ligands. Towards asymmetric catalysis.

Funding: KCL studentship.

Hubert T. C. Lam, PhD student (1999-2003)

Thesis title: Synthesis of chiral hybrid ligands and applications in palladium-catalysed allylic asymmetric alkylation.

Funding: KCL studentship-Aventis Pharmaceuticals.

Current position: Organic Chemist, GE Global Research, NY, USA

Sebastien L. Parisel, PhD student (1999-2003):

Thesis title: Synthesis and catalytic chemistry of a new generation of aminophosphine ligands.

 Funding: EPSRC grant (GR/M78229/01).

Current position: Business Account Executive, Johnson Matthey plc

Xiaohui Cheng, PhD student (1999-2003)

Thesis title: Transition metal catalysed hydrogenation, allylic alkylation and transfer hydrogenation reactions.

Funding: K. C. Wong Education Foundation, British Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Education Department (PR China).


Neil D. Moorcroft, MSc student (1999-2001)

Thesis title: Second generation of PNP hemilabile ligands with modification at phosphorus.

Funding: Aventis Pharmaceuticals

Current position: Scientist, Sanofi-Aventis, Briedgewater, New Jersey, USA.

Francois A. Loiseau, PhD student (2000-2004)

Thesis title: Functionalised calixarenes for Tuberculosis therapies.

Funding: KCL studentship.

Maryiam Qadir, PhD student (2000-2004)

Thesis title: Transition metal catalysed synthesis of medium-sized heterocycles.

Funding: GlaxoSmithKline (EPSRC CASE award)

Marco Oliana, PhD student (2000-2005)

Thesis title: Synthesis of libraries of asymmetric mixed donor ligands for asymmetric catalysis.

Funding: ICI-Synetix-Johnson Matthey.



Kelin Li, PDRA (2001-2003)

Project title: New catalysts for hydroamination reactions.

Funding: EPSRC ROPA grant (GR/R50332/01).

Current position: Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Kansas

Meritxell Guino, PhD student (2001-2005)

Thesis title: Applications of functionalised polymer resins for organic synthesis.

Funding: KCL studentship.

Current position: Regulatory Officer, Technology Sciences (Europe) Limited.

Emma L. Cropper, PhD student (2003-2007)

Thesis title: Synthesis of Medium-sized Nitrogen Heterocycles.

Funding: AstraZeneca DTG studentship.

Current position: Medicinal Chemist, GlaxoSmithKline, Singapore.

Pim Huat Phua, PhD student (2003-2006)

Thesis title: Asymmetric aza-Michael reactions for the synthesis of b-amino acid derivatives.

Funding: CVCP-DSM Pharma-ICL.

Current position: Scientist I, Institute of Chemical & Engineering Sciences, Singapore.

Mingjun Zhou, PDRA (Jan-Dec 2006)

Project title: Development of metalloporphyrin complexes as molecular sensors.

Funding: China Scholarship Council.

Current position: Research Scientist, Harbin Research Institute of Transducer Technology, China

Jason Taylor, PhD student (2004-2008)

Thesis title: Development of Asymmetric Hydroamination Catalysts.

Funding: GlaxoSmithKline/DTA studentship.

Current position: Lecturer, Universidade de Ouro Preto, Brazil.

Alex Smith, PhD student (2006-2010)

Thesis title: Exploring New Asymmetric Reactions Catalysed by Dicationic Pd(II) Complexes.

Funding: Pfizer/DTA studentship.

Current position: Research Scientist, Eli Lilly, U.K.

Xinzhu Liu, PhD student (2006-2010)

Thesis title: Development of late transition metal-catalysed C-H activation reactions

Funding: Imperial College Deputy Rector’s Award.

Current position: Research Scientist, BASF, Shanghai.

Bao Nguyen, PDRA (2009-2010)

Project title: ELSEP (Elucidate and Separate) - Palladium Catalysts in C-C and C-N Coupling Reactions

Funding: EPSRC grant (EP/G070172/1)

Current position: Tenure Track Fellow, University of Leeds

Natalia Zotova, PDRA (2009-2011)

Project title: Enabling Oxidation Reactions on a Large Scale 

Funding: EPSRC grant (EP/G027544/1)

Current position: Process Chemist, GSK

Elena Barreiro (2011, 2013-4)

Project title: Development of gold catalysts for organic synthesis

Funding: Postdoctoral Fellowship, Fundación Barrié de la Maza, Spain.

Current position: Research Fellow, Universidad de Santiago de Compostela

Jannine Arbour, PhD (2008-12)

Project title: Metal-mediated intramolecular hydroamination and hydro(acylalkoxylation reactions

Current position: R&D Chemist, Addivant (formerly Chemtura), Manchester, U.K.

Laura Taylor (2008-12)

Project title: Asymmetric synthesis of tetrahydroquinolines via aza-Michael reactions

Current position: Medicinal Chemist, Dextra, Reading, U.K.


Andrey Sheshenev

Marie-Curie Fellow (2010-2012)

Current position: Senior Research Scientist, All-Russian Plant Quarantine Center (governmental organisation, Crop protection)

Kathryn Rix, PhD student (2009-12)

Project title: Electrochemical reduction of amides and C=C bonds

Hui Lin (Valerie) Wong, joint PhD student with NUS (2013-4)

Project title: Development of Ag catalysts for heterocyclization reactions of alkynes

Current position: PDRA, NTU, Singapore

Dr. Luis Adrio

Postdoctoral fellow, 2006-2011, 2013-4

Current position: Research Chemist, ABCR GmbH, Spain