Group News

Its been a very successful couple of months for Peter with both a poster prize win at EMIM 2018 and a prize for the best Radiopharmacy Oral Presentation at the British Nuclear Medicine Society Meeting 2018! Peter's work on 52Mn-labelled ionophores for cell and liposome tracking will soon be published in Dalton Transactions.

May 2018

An excellent Dalton 2018 conference was enjoyed by all, with over half the group presenting posters or giving oral presentations. Great job Sammy and Adam on their tip-top research talks!

April 2018

Well done to our pair of new Drs; Charlie and Emma! Good luck in your new jobs!

February 2018

Congratulations on Stu for successfully defending his thesis entitled "PET-labelled Phosphonium Cations for Mitochondria Imaging"!
We'll miss you!

November 2017

We welcome three new PhD students to the Long group! Stephanie Sheppard and Troy Bennett working on ferrocenes and Tom Clough on imaging. Good luck with the PhDs all!

October 2017

Sadly Shirley's year with us comes to an end. We all bid her a fond farewell and wish her luck in her future back in China. It has been great working with you Shirley

September 2017

Congrats to Lucy on her great talk at this year's Coordination and Organometallic Discussion Group (CODG) Conference in Lancaster on 'Delocalised chains and rings of ferrocenes'

September 2017

Well done to Sammy on her excellent oral presentation entitled 'Tripodal phosphine Mo(0) complexes for dinitrogen activation' at this year's Dalton Younger Members' Event (DYME) at the University of Bath.

September 2017

Congratulations to Adam and Sammy on winning poster prizes at the Imperial Chemistry Graduate Symposium 2017!

July 2017

A big round of applause for our double viva survivors! Drs Bethany Harriss and Lucy Wilson

June 2017

Huge contratulations to Dr James McArdle on the defence of his thesis entitled "Multimetallic Nanoscale Assemblies Based on Bifunctional Linkers"

June 2017

Congratulations to Tamara on receiving the British Pharmacological Society Schachter Award to enable her research visit to LSU, Shreveport

May 2017

Many congrats to Dave on the publication of his Chem Comm article and good luck as he moves to the Sam Gambhir group in Stanford!divAbstract

March 2017

Many congrats to Mike on his Nature Chemistry paper and the joys of sexiferrocenes !

July 2016

Good luck to Lucy and Beth ahead of their oral presentations at the Dalton 2016 meeting. And come and visit the posters of Charlie, Sammy, Adam and James to see the wide array of Long group chemistry going on !

March 2016

Congrats to Chris and Andy for recent papers published in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces and Dalton Transactions respectively.

February 2016

Well done to Kerry for passing her PhD viva.

December 2015

Well done to Charlie for being awarded a JSPS fellowship.

December 2015

Many congratulations to Charlie and Andy for passing their PhD viva's !

August 2015

Well done to the group (Dave, Andre, James, Chris, Beth, Stuart and Lucy) in the PG symposium presentations - and particularly to Stuart and Lucy for picking up best and runner-up poster prizes respectively.

July 2015

Congrats to Mike for securing a Marie-Curie Fellowship !

February 2015

Well done to Natasha for passing her PhD viva!

October 2014

A warm welcome to all our new group members: Tamara, Jonathan, Emma and Charlie as PhD students, Alex, Sarah and Linqian as UG project students. Also, welcome to Joy Farnaby, as a new Junior Research Fellow, and her group, James and Pippa.

October 2014

Come find us at the ICCC in Singapore this July! Nick, Clare, Charlie and Andreas will all be giving talks so come and say hi!

July 2014

Congratulations to Kerry O'Donnelly for winning second place prize for her oral presentation in the Chemical Biology section of the PG Symposium!

July 2014

Congratulations to Dr. Graeme Stasiuk on receiving his first lectureship at Hull University

May 2014

Congratulations to PhD students Andy and Charlie for winning best costume - for their three-'man' galleon (with Tom from the Miller group) - at the recent Pirate-themed PG Cocktail Party!

April 2014