Overview of Molecular Symmetry Operations and Symmetry Groups (Animated/Interactive)

  • What is and what is not a symmetry operation? ( Demonstrations with H2O )
  • The complete set of symmetry operations for water.
  • What is a symmetry element? versus What is a symmetry operation?( Demonstrations with H2O )
  • Rotations and Reflections: the σvs and the σh (Demonstrations with BF3)
  • The Symmetry Operations for the [Co(NH3)4Cl2]+ ion The Proper Rotations C4s and C2s, Improper Rotations the S4s and the Inversion Operation
  • Assigning a Symmetry Group.( Determining the Complete Set of Symmetry Operations for a Molecule)
  • The Symmetry Operations of a Tris Chelate Metal Complex. ( Demonstration with the [Co(H2NCH2CH2NH2)3]3+ ion)