While examining our site, we encourage you to interact with the site by moving the molecules with your mouse and using the hyperlinks to execute operations on the molecules. To resize the molecule viewer or any other part of the page just drag the frame borders.

In the following site

  1. We present several 3D animations of molecular symmetry operations for instructional use along with some information about assigning a symmetry group. To observe these Go to Overview: Symmetry Operations/Groups in the Navigational Bar above and then click a link at the bottom of the page to load a molecule and its associated animations. Loading all the data may take a short while - please be patient
  2. We provide a collection of 3D Images of Molecules for students to examine with some interactive tools. (To observe these, Go to Molecules: Go to.. Exercises, Extra Problems and Tutortial Exercises and again then click a link at the bottom of the page to bring up a specific molecule and interactive tools to manipulate the molecule.
  3. We have added International Chemical Identifiers (InChI Identifiers) for many of the molecules to enable molecular search-abiltiy into our site. These InChI Indentifiers can be searched for using standard search engines such as Google™. A Graphical interface for generating an InChI string is provided here. Copy/paste the InChI string into the Search box in the Navigational Bar above to perform a search (the example already entered is benzene).