2001 CIT Project by Nikola Sanderson

2nd Year Undergraduate.

Chemistry Department, Imperial College of Science Technology and Medicine.

email: nikola.sanderson@ic.ac.uk

This project is based on the recently approved drug Relenza which is designed to treat influenza. The web page forms part of the 2nd year course work credit and uses a number of internet search engines and bibliographic searches to obtain chemical, biological and background information about Relenza. The sources used have been reviewed at the end of the references section 

The influenza infection continues to be the most serious respiratory disease in terms of both morbidity and mortality1, with the number of influenza related hospitalizations and deaths increasing in recent years. In the United States alone influenza epidemics are responsible for an average of approximately 20 000 deaths per year and millions are affected in the world per annum. Not only is the 'flu responsible for a large amount of misery every year, but is also costly to economies across the world. Relenza could potentially help this situation.

The background to this page shows the electrostatic potential map of the influenza neuraminidase with Relenza in the active site. Red depicts are of negative charge, blue shows positive charge and white implies neutral hydrophobic areas.