The structure activity relationships of taxol has been studied by a whole range of researchers. Many derivatives have already been synthesised and comparing their activities, has revealed which part of the molecule is responsible for it's biological activity.

The Taxol molecule can be divided into two distinguishable parts:-

1. Side Chain

The side chain of taxol is critical for maintaining activity. It seems to be a major site of recognition in the tubulin-Taxol binding mechanism.

Studies by Portier and Swindell and other prominent scientists has revealed the following features:-


2. Taxol Skeleton

Taxol is made up of several rings: a six membered double bond containing (A) ring, an eight membered (B) ring, another six membered (C) ring and a four membered (D) ring. Modification of the taxol skeleton and studying it's activity has lead us to the following features:-

The following diagram summarises the structure-activity relationship of Taxol.


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