What NMR Can Measure.

Modern NMR spectroscopy is frequently divided into several categories;
  1. High resolution mode on homogenous solutions.
  2. High power mode on highly relaxing nuclei which exhibit very broad lines, or polymers etc.
  3. The study of solids using eg Magic angle spinning techniques.
  4. NMR 3D imaging to resolutions of ~ 1 mm.
This lecture course is concerned entirely with the first category. The types of information accessible via high resolution NMR include;
  1. Functional group analysis (chemical shifts)
  2. Bonding connectivity and orientation (J coupling),
  3. Through space connectivity (Overhauser effect)
  4. Molecular Conformations, DNA, peptide and enzyme sequence and structure.
  5. Chemical dynamics (Lineshapes, relaxation phenomena).

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