Laboratory Objectives

During the lab time allocated for the IT course (six sessions in total in the autumn with two in each of weeks 2,3 for all students, and two sessions in either week 4 (Group B) or week 8 (Group A), you will be expected to achieve the following objectives:
  1. To gain experience in the use of specific programs such as
  2. To learn how to cope with "bugs". You will encounter (unfortunately) several in this lab, and we have suggested "workarounds". [Bugs and other oddities are explained in square brackets where we know about them. If you discover your own, please let us know].
  3. To experience several different ways in which chemically specific information can be searched for, ranging from simple keyword searches to 3D structure searches
  4. To gain experience of different data formats used for expressing chemical information, and how to interconvert them, and use them in populating Wiki pages
  5. To apply the above skills to doing a comprehensive literature search on the molecule Penicillin, a reaction (its conversion to Cephalosporin), its properties, both physical (spectroscopic) and biological, and how to create e.g a Word document organising these themes.
  6. You will then have to perform similar searches on a project molecule chosen from a list on the Wiki, the outcome in this case being a contribution to a Wiki article.
The Computer lab is formally booked for CIT work during weeks 2-3 for everyone and then weeks 4 or 6 for specific groups(see times). CIT students have absolute priority during these period. You are of course free to use the computers outside these times for course work, but on a first-come-first served basis and only if another course is not running. You can also use the computers located in the study area. You also have access to 24 hour opening in the central library, although you may find not all of the chemistry-related programs will be available there.

The lectures contain 28 bullet points which we feel you should be familiar with. The number indicated against each lab activity relates to each numbered item.

First Session, Week 2

The first session in the first week is reserved for computer familiarity exercises. Start by checking that your login still works.Next, you will use some chemistry specific programs you might not have come across in first year. There will be demonstrators available to show you how to do this and answer your questions. Do please ask them if you dont know what to do next, or are just confused by it all! And remember: Computers crash and do odd things. IT, at least in part, is the process of learning to cope! If you complete the above, do feel free to move on to the coursework below.