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HTML 4.0 Reference

HTML 4.0 became a W3C Recommendation in December of 1997. The new HTML standard provides a number of significant improvements over previous versions of the language while emphasizing the concepts of accessibility and structural markup.


What's New in HTMLİ4.0
A summary of the new features in HTMLİ4.0 and a look at the key concepts behind the new standard.
Structure of an HTMLİ4.0 Document
An explanation of elements, tags, and attributes, and how they are used in an HTMLİ4.0 document.
Organizational List of HTMLİ4.0 Elements
All HTMLİ4.0 elements organized by their function.
Alphabetical List of HTMLİ4.0 Elements
All HTMLİ4.0 elements listed alphabetically.
HTML 4.0 Entities
All character entity references in HTMLİ4.0 along with their numeric character references and rendering in your browser.
Offline Versions
Downloadable versions of this reference suitable for offline use.