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Nello Mainolfi


Nello was born in Napoli, Italy on the 16th of December 1978. He obtained a first class degree with honours (BSc)  in 2001 from Queen Mary, University of London. He carried out his final year project under the supervision of Dr. Jason Eames on the synthesis of substituted bromophenols using a novel bromination-dehydrobromination reaction. He joined Prof. S.E.Gibson's group as PhD student in October of 2001.His research is focused on the synthesis of a new class of chiral macrocycles and their application as ligands in asymmetric catalysis, along with the development of a new synthetic approach towards the synthesis of the prostaglandins' cyclopentenone moiety via a catalytic Pauson Khand reaction. When away from chemistry he enjoys playing and watching football, basketball, tennis, skiing and discussing physics with his friends.


Matthew Rudd



Matt graduated with first class honours from King's College London in 2002. He originally joined Prof. Gibson's group to undertake a final year MSci project.The project involved the synthesis of amino acid derivatives locked into a conformationally constrained macrocycle. As a result of this work he won the Leyton Science Research Award. Matt stayed with Prof Gibson's group and started his Ph D in October 2002. After completing his first year‚s study at King's he moved (along with the rest of the group) to Imperial College London. Matt's research involves the synthesis of planar chiral monophosphine complexes anchored to an arenetricarbonyl chromium backbone and their application to asymmetric hydrosilylation reactions. Matt's spare time is mainly devoted to his love for sports. In particular he is an avid fan of Arsenal Football Club and Le Tour de France.


Cristina Lecci

Cristina was born in Lecce (Italy) in 1977.  She got her degree in Chemistry from  the University of Pisa in 2002 with Doctor Anna Iuliano working on the synthesis of biselector chiral stationary phases and their use in the resolution of enantiomers by HPLC. She then worked for a few months on an INFM-NEST-Scuola Normale Superiore of Pisa joint project for the synthesis of fluorescent probes and their use in multicolor imaging of TAT protein. She joined Professor Susan Gibson‚s Group at King‚s College London in 2002 as a PhD student working on the synthesis and reactivity of chiral para-cyclophanes and their chromium complexes. She likes travelling, enjoying good films at cinema, listening to music and going around London looking for nice restaurants and affordable music concerts.



Paola Castaldi


Paola comes from Bari in southern Italy. She studied Pharmaceutical Chemistry at University of Padova and graduated in July 2002. During her graduation she did a one year Erasmus exchange project with Professor M. North at King's College London, working on the synthesis of  monomeric block polymers which exhibit biocompatible and biodegradable properties. In November 2002 she went on to work within Professor Sue E. Gibson's group. Currently she is working in the area of desymmetrisation of h6-tricarbonyl chromium(0) complexes using chiral amide bases.


Aaron Rooney


Aaron is a Londoner and is a first year Ph. D. student in Prof. Gibson's group. He graduated in chemistry from King's College London in 2003, and did his 4th year MSci project under the supervision of Prof. Gibson. He is currently working towards the synthesis of planar chiral phosphine complexes anchored to an arene tricarbonyl chromium(0) backbone and their applications to various asymmetric reactions. He is also a keen Arsenal F.C. supporter and enjoys watching various sports in his spare time.


Karina Kaufmann


Karina graduated in chemistry from King's College London in 2002. After a brief experience as a school teacher, she joined Prof. Sue Gibson's group in October 2003 as a Ph. D. student. She is currently working in the area of Pauson-Khand catalysis.


Post Doctorate Associate

Jennifer Loch

Jen worked for Prof. Bob Crabtree at Yale University for her Ph.D. She joined the group in Aug 2002 and is currently looking at how substrates and axially chiral ligands, such as BINAP, coordinate to dicobaltcarbonyl complexes during Pauson-Khand  catalysis.