ECHET96 Late Release Notes

  1. 24/02/97. Version 4.0b2 of the Netscape Collaborator browser does not work with the current release of Chime 1.0, causing the browser to quite unexpectedly. In some circumstances, the computer might crash as well. The problem has been reported, and we hope it will be corrected in subsequent beta releases of this browser.
  2. 24/02/97. In the Hyperwave section of ECHET96, using the DINO Java applet to search for entries will produce a display of the entries found, but double clicking on such an entry will cause Netscape 3.0 to quite unexpectedly on Windows or Macintosh OSs (but not on SGI). This error appears to be corrected in version 4.0b2 of Netscape Communicator.

H. S. Rzepa.