GC Analysis of reaction mixtures. GC response factors for the products have not yet been determined, however, an impression of approximate yields can be obtained by examination of the the GC traces. GC traces are shown below for the reaction mixture produced in a) pentane solution and b) neat substrate 1.

*products of reaction of :CHCO2Et with pentane solvent

In pentane solution the less sterically hindered cyclopropane (2), the O-H insertion product (4), and the product arising from the Wolff rearrangement (6) are formed in highest yields.

Product 7 is produced when the reaction is run in neat solution, but not in pentane solution. Spectroscopic evidence indicates that this product may have the structure shown below. similar products have been observed by others upon irradiation of ethyl diazoacetate in alcohol solutions (ref 8). These products are not observed in gas phase reactions, possibly consistent with the absence of 7 when the reaction is run in pentane solution.