Animation of Diels Alder Reaction Pathways

A QuickTime viewer is required to view the animations.

Each example below is hyperlinked to a table containing the respective GIF images. Once the following line is added in the .mailcap file:

video/quicktime; your_QuickTime_player %s

clicking on any GIF image in the table will start the QuickTime viewer. Clicking on subsequent images will activate new movie viewers.

  1. Reaction of 1-phenyl-butadiene and 1-phenyl-ethylene.
  2. Reaction of butadiene-1-carboxylic acid and 1-phenyl-ethylene.
  3. Reaction of 1-methyl-butadiene and 1-phenyl-ethylene.
  4. Reaction of 2-phenyl-butadiene and 1-phenyl-ethylene.
  5. Dimerization of 2-cyano-butadiene.
  6. Dimerization of 2-methoxy-butadiene.
  7. Reaction of 1-phenyl-butadiene acid and acrolein.
  8. Reaction of 1-cyano-butadiene and methyl acrylate.
  9. Reaction of 1-methyl-butadiene and acrylic acid.
  10. Reaction of 2-phenyl-butadiene and cyano-ethylene.
  11. Dimerization of cyclopentadiene-2-carboxylic methyl ester
  12. Reaction of 2-methoxy-butadiene and carbonyl-acetylene.

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