Solid State Interconversion of Tetra(2-pyridyl)pyrazine Polymorphs

Rosa D. Bailey#; M. Grabarczyk##; T. W. Hanks##*; Elaine M. Newton#; William. T. Pennington#* Department of Chemistry, Hunter Chemistry Laboratories, Clemson University, Clemson, S.C. 29431 and Department of Chemistry, Furman University, Greenville, S.C. 29613.


# Clemson University, ##Furman University,
* Authors to whom correspondence should be addressed.

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5. Morgan, L.W.; Shafer, G.J.; Hanks, T.W.; Pennington, W.T.; Petersen, J.D. Manuscript in preparation. Syntheses and structural characterization of the following compounds will be reported:
[(H2O)2Cu(tpp)Cu(H2O)2](ClO4)4· H2O,
[(H2O)2Cu(tpp)Cu(H2O)2](ClO4)4· 2H2O,
[(H2O)2Cu(tpp)Cu(H2O)2](ClO4)4· 2C2H5OH,
[(H2O)(NO3)Cu(tpp)Cu(H2O)(NO3)](NO3)2· 2H2O,
[Cl2Cu(tpp)CuCl2]· 5H2O

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9. The crystals, identified as tppáI2 by comparison of powder patterns, were of poor quality and very small. All efforts to obtain crystals suitable for single crystal analysis have been unsuccessful.

10. Bailey, R.D.; Drake, G.W.; Grabarczyk, M.; Hanks, T.W; Pennington, W.T. Manuscripts in preparation. (a) Synthesis, structure, thermal properties and MO calculations for tpp· 2I2 to be reported. (b) Synthesis, structure, and thermal properties for a series of protonated polypyridyl polyiodide salts to be reported.

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