Dr. Josette Michon LEDSS Université Joseph Fourier BP 53 F38041 Grenoble Cedex 9 Tel : 33 76 51 44 30 Fax : 33 76 51 43 82

Fields of Interest:

Molecular recognition: EPR studies using nitroxide probes

1. Interaction of mono- and bi- nitroxide radicals with cyclodextrins. 2. Interaction with DNA of an endonuclease labelled with a nitroxide radical.

Study of potentially anticancer drugs by EPR: spin-trapping experiments.

Selected references:

"Generation and identification of the amidyl radical resulting from homolytic N-O cleavage in carcinogenic N-acetyl-N-(acyloxy)-2-aminofluorene" J. Org. Chem., 1993, 6143-6145 "Electron spin resonance study of the complexation of long -(polyethylene glycol) chain biradicals by gamma-cyclodextrins - Alkaline salts-induced changes" New J. Chem., 1992, 915-918. "Selective oxidation of beta-cyclodextrin by photochemical reaction with p- nitroacetophenone" Tet. Lett., 1992, 3315-3318. "Kinetics of reduction of a nitroxide radical by ascorbic acid in the presence of beta- cyclodextrin. Determination of the radical/beta-cyclodextrin association constant and rate constants for reaction of the free and complexed nitroxide radical" New J. Chem., 1988, 125-128.


DNA EPR - spin labelling - spin trapping Molecular recognition