Upcoming Presentations by Gribble Group Members:


University of New Hampshire.

Presentation: New Cycloaddition and Lithiation Chemistry of Heterocycles, G. Gribble (April 29, 1997)

ACS Northeastern Regional Meeting, Sarasota Springs, NY. June 22-25, 1997.

Presentation 111: A Versitile Synthetic Approach to Ellipticine and Its Analogues, H. Hassinger, G. Gribble (Monday, 6/23 at 11:00 AM)

Presentation 117: An unexpected oxygen extrusion in aryne-furan Diels-Alder reactions. D. Blank, G. Gribble. (Tuesday, 6/24 at 2 PM)

ACS National Meeting, Las Vegas, NV. September 5-11, 1997.

Presentation: D. Blank, G. Gribble., Title TBA. (place and time TBA)

Presentation: Working title: The Utility of Pyrrolo[3,4-b]indoles in the Synthesis of Natural Products or: Michael Additions to 2-Nitro-1-(phenylsulfonyl)indole. E. Pelkey, G. Gribble. (place and time TBA)

Rochester Institute of Technology

Presentation: The Chemistry of Wine and Winemaking, G. Gribble , (October 3, 1997)

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