Graduate Degrees Awarded with

Gordon W. Gribble

1. Randall B. Nelson, "A Spectral Survey of Indoloquinolizidine Alkaloids," Ph.D., May 1975.

  2.	Sam N.Y. Fanso-Free, "Substitution and Elimination Reactions of Bicyclo[3.2.1]octyl-3 p-Toluenesulfonate," Ph.D., May 1975.

  3.	Kenneth A. Clark, "Synthetic Studies of H-F Spin-Spin Coupling," M.A., December 1974.

  4.	Jerry Skotnicki, "Reductive Alkylation of Secondary Aromatic Amines in Carboxylic Acid-Sodium Borohydride Media," M.A., September 1974.

  5.	Jerry L. Johnson, "A Study of the 13C NMR Spectrum of Indole," Ph.D., March 1977.

  6.	Larry W. Reilly, "Synthetic Studies on Sarpagine Alkaloids," Ph.D., August 1978.

  7.	Mark W. Gemborys, "Synthesis of N-Hydroxyacetaminophen and Studies on Its In Vitro Decomposition," Ph.D., September 1978.

  8.	Jill A. Panetta, "Versatile Approaches to the Corynantheine-Sarpagine Alkaloids," Ph.D., September 1979.

  9.	Philip D. Kutzenco, "Approaches to the Synthesis of Sarpagine Alkaloids," Ph.D., February 1980.

10.	William J. Kelly, "Conformational Studies of H-F and C-F Spin-Spin Coupling," Ph.D., March 1981.

11.	Richard M. Soll, "Development of a Convergent Synthetic Strategy for the Construction of Elaeocarpus Alkaloids," Ph.D., November 1981.

12.	Mark G. Saulnier, "Synthetic Approaches to Pyridocarbazoles via New Indole and Pyridine Lithiation Methodology," Ph.D., December 1982.

13.	Craig S. LeHoullier, "Novel Syntheses of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons," Ph.D., December 1982.

14.	Robert B. Perni, "Conventional and Biomimetic Synthetic Entries to Aristotelia Alkaloids," Ph.D., December 1983.

15.	Charles F. Nutaitis, "Sodium Borohydride: Reactions in Acidic Media" and "Synthesis of [1n]Paracyclophanes," Ph.D., March 1985.

16.	Judy Obaza-Nutaitis, "Studies on the Syntheses of Bis-Pyridocarbazoles and Derivatives of Ellipticine," Ph.D., December 1985.

17.	Frank L. Switzer, "Synthesis of Elaeocarpus Alkaloids via Pyrrolinium Ion Trapping," Ph.D., June 1986. 

18.	David A. Johnson, "Synthetic Approaches to Indolo[2,3-a]quinolizine Alkaloids," Ph.D., December 1986.

19.  Gary D. Jaycox, "Conformationally Restricted Bis(9-Aminoacridines) - A Chemical and Biological Study," Ph.D., May 1988.

20.  Daniel J. Keavy, "Syntheses and Cycloaddition Reactions of 4H-Furo[3,4-b]indoles, and Novel Regioselective Fluorobenzyne Cycloadditions to Furans," Ph.D., May 1988.

21.  Barbara M. Peters, "A Study of the Synthesis of Indolo[2,3-a]quinolizidine Alkaloids," Ph.D., August 1989.

22.	Deborah A. Davis,  "Synthetic Studies of Ellipticine Alkaloids and Structurally Related Compounds," Ph.D., May 1990.

23.	Michael D. Mosher, "The Synthesis and DNA Intercalation of Novel Bis-acridines,"  M.A., June 1990.

24.	Steven J. Berthel, "Synthetic Approaches to Indolo[2,3-a]carbazole Alkaloids," Ph.D., September 1990.

25.	Brian J. Cronin, "Synthetic Approaches to the Trikentrins via the Novel Furo[3,4-b]pyrrole Ring System," M.A., March 1991.

26.	Sam C. Conway, "The Attempted Generation of Indolyne," Ph.D., May 1991.

27.	Bradford H. Hirth, "Model Studies for the Synthesis of Azapentaprismane," M.S., December 1992.

28.  Erik R. Olson, "Through-Space Hydrogen-Fluorine and Carbon-Fluorine Nuclear Spin-Spin Coupling - An Experimental Study," Ph.D., February 1993.

29.	P. Scott Wiens, "A Study Directed at the Synthesis of Naturally Occurring 6-Bromoindole Alkaloids," M.S., June 1994.

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