It is with pleasure that I acknowledge the contribution made, in particular, by the co-authors of this paper and other research staff and students (Dr M. Johnston, Dr A. Amarasekara, Dr C. Jackson, Dr S. Wang, Dr L. Liu, A. Schultz, M. Golic, G. Sun) at the Centre for Molecular Architecture and Deakin University (Dr I Mahadevan, Dr A Winling and J. Harmer). Funding support for this work has been provided by grants from the Australian Research Council, the Central Queensland University and Deakin University.

In particular, I would like to thank the Australian Research Council for the provision of a Senior Research Fellowship (1992-1996) which allowed me the time and opportunity to set up the Centre for Molecular Architecture and allowed me to work full time in research.

Finally, I would like to thank the organisers of ECHET98 for inviting me to present our work and providing this new platform whereby original data can be included in a format with such individual style and detail to satisfy the casual reader or the expert in the field.

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