Synthesis of a-aminostannanes

Stannanes 6, 9, 1, and 4 were reported previously by us. [1] The methodology uses Katritzky's benzotriazole chemistry to prepare 14, 15, and 17. [2,3] Displacement of the benzotriazolyl group with tributylstannyllithium proceeded smoothly. Compounds 18 and 8 are new to this paper, but were prepared by the same method. Tsunoda, et al., have also prepared 8 by a different route. [ 4]


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1. Transmetalation of acyclic aminostannanes: Primary organolithiums can be formed, but secondary organolithiums cannot
2. Transmetalation of cyclic aminostannanes: Secondary organolithiums are formed
3. Hypotheses: Conformational effects (i.e., a kinetic problem) or thermodynamics may be responsible
4. These studies allow a ranking of the relative stabilities of organolithiums
5. How the aminostannanes were made. (THIS PAGE)